1. Search and testing of the gravesite

Search of the gravesite

No number of the burial procedure $20.00
No cemetery section $30.00
No cemetery location $40.00
Technical testing of the gravesite state with a written report and two photos $20.00
Picturing of the gravesite and other places at client's desire $3.00 - $15.00
Video of the gravesite (per 1 min, minimum 10 min) (without shipment) $6.50

2. Gravesite upkeeping
(+ a free photo of the maintained grave)

Gravesite upkeeping  $45.00
Twice a year  $60.00
Three times a year  $85.00
Once a year - in two years  $90.00
Twice a year - in two years  $115.00
Three times a year - in two years  $230.00
For every extra visit of the gravesite   $20.00

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